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Around this time 11 years ago, I was coming to a very full realization that there was an urgency for me to preserve what was happening in my life. You see, my father had been diagnosed with throat and lung cancer in 2002 and through the ups and downs of treatment and remission, it all finally came to a screeching halt when we learned in January of 2005 that it had spread to his brain and there was nothing more that could be done. It was a sobering reality that changed the course of my life.

I had always been an artist at heart, drawing and painting, sewing, sculpting with papier-mache’, singing, writing and recording music, etc… Of course I had taken photos before but not with any real artistic or intentional interest at heart. Not until then. It became a serious priority to me during that time to not only take photos, but to take them with skill and purpose. I knew then that these would be the last visual record of my Father’s time on this earth… it would be his last time being with me. These images meant everything to me. I wasn’t able to devote a lot of time to learning the skill at that moment, but I did my best and read books that helped me as much as I could understand. I clicked away at the quiet times. I clicked away at the mundane. I wanted to remember every little thing. These weren’t professional images but I didn’t care. They were the memories that I would be able to keep with me forever. They were the catalyst for finding my purpose in life. 

My Father passed away on February 1, 2005 and left me with words that have shaped my life since then. “I want you to finish something.” Up until that time, I had floated through several college majors, unable to decide where my path was leading. I decided then to go back to school, but this time it was for keeps.

After earning my degree in commercial photography, I shot mainly weddings for 6 years, documenting a day of celebration and happiness in peoples lives. My favorite part of any wedding was always the moments before, hanging out behind the scenes and listening to the conversations, seeing emotional fathers and mothers tearing up with pride. The wedding itself was always nice, but I so loved the intimate moments that happened when no one was watching… the moments that people forget or never knew happened. 

Since having left weddings and emerging from my hiatus (having babies!), I’ve decided to do things differently this time around. This time, I’m going back to the root of why I became a photographer in the first place. I’ve very happy to announce a new venture that I’m so incredibly excited about.

Starting today, I will be offering “Day In The Life” sessions that document your family in their natural habitat. I’ll come and follow you for 4-6 hours of your day, as you shake off sleep in your pajamas and make breakfast, as your kids tear the cushions off the couch and make a fort, jumping on the bed and running wild outside or for bubble baths with more toys than kids. We can even head out for errands and more. As parents, these are the moments that make up our lives. These are the moments that are fleeting and all too soon gone. When we’re old and grey, when are children are grown and when we’ve all forgotten the chaos that was, these moments will be like little nuggets of gold. 

I regularly document the every day lives of my two young daughters. I love looking through the photos of their crazy hair, food faces and half naked innocence. I would love to be able to give this gift to someone else, as well. The entire month of January I am offering this session at a discounted rate of $350 for 4 hours to the first 10 sessions booked. This is the only time I’ll be offering this rate. Please don’t hesitate to email me or message me with any questions because I’d love to speak with you.

I’m so excited to finally be pursuing the reason why I got into the world of photography. I’m excited to spend time with you in your home and collecting those moments that you’ll still be able to remember when your memory fails.  

As a way to foster good will and service to others, I am offering a Giveaway To Giveaway. I would love for you to share this with as many people as you can! I’m giving away a Day In The Life session to someone that has just had a crap year and could really use a lift. Sometimes just seeing your life from another perspective can really breathe new life into things. Please message me or email me someone you’d like to nominate for this session and tell me who this person is to you, what they mean to you and why they really would benefit from this! I’ll select someone quietly and discretely on Jan 31. I really hope that this will mean so much to someone as I know it will mean so much to me.*


*This offer is only applicable to those living in and around the North Shore of Massachusetts.