Inspiration & Photography

J Danielle WehuntComment

I almost feel as though the two words are sometimes synonymous. At least to me. I love how I can flip through something as simple as instagram and be so completely inspired by a photo that someone posted. It's usually a very basic, but amazing image of a gorgeous of mountain, body of water, or a forest cloaked in fog. These images do what they've set out to do... create wanderlust. Oh wanderlust. 

wanderlust :



a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

You know, I have had wanderlust my entire life. I have, since a very young age, hoped that my talents would give me the ability to "travel about". And they have. Even when it hasn't been entirely physical. I think the meaning of wanderlust can be applied to our mental meanderings as well. I feel like I'm always searching for a new thing, idea, feeling... I'm always searching for the new, even when it might be old, as long as it's new to me.

Peeking through the gorgeous greenery that inhabits Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

When my partner and I first started living with each other, we travelled. Oh, how we travelled. Then we had kids. Traveling slowed down quite a bit, as expected, but we were very excited and lucky enough to travel to Vancouver this April. My need to travel at that point was palpable. If you have kids, you completely understand what it is to lose the ability to fully concentrate on anything when you're in the thick of it. This particular trip was childless and I cannot describe to you how I drank it all in. Never have I paid so much attention. 

Jim up ahead of me as I lagged behind taking a photo every 2 feet we walked.

I feel like my eye changed a bit while we were there. I felt more patient. I felt more aware. I felt like I approached taking a photo differently that I did before. I only brought one camera, my Fuji x100s (and 8 batteries!). With only a fixed focal length, I was forced to switch gears. I couldn't have made a better choice. 

This lake is in the middle of Stanley Park and is disappearing. It probably wont be here in 10 years.