Lisa | Hyponotherapist | Marblehead, MA | Portrait Photography, Headshots

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So this is my neighbor Lisa. She's amazingly sweet and kind. She's a also a hypnotherapist that helps people overcome obstacles that they find challenging and struggle with. It's totally not what you think when you think about hypnosis. There are no spinning wheels and she doesn't make you cluck like a chicken, lol. She is truly skilled at working with people who need to change their eating habits, their financial life, those who are trying to work on their health and so much more. She does guided meditation and relaxation in order to help you visualize your goals and work toward them. If you've been looking for something like this and you're in the North Shore (or even Boston), she can be contacted at labbate @ innershifthypnosis.com (email broken to prevent spam)

We headed over to Marblehead Neck, just a skip and a hop from where we both live! How lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place?!